Storytelling, Education, Empowerment

to preserve

Autonomy, Cultures, and Traditions


SEE to ACT (Storytelling, Education, Empowerment to preserve Autonomy, Culture, Traditions) is a 501(c)3 non-profit corporation with a mission to empower native and non-native individuals and communities through education and the telling of stories with film. The films are designed and produced with a vision of giving voice and reconnecting indigenous people with their own identities, heritage and traditions – ones that may have been forgotten or repressed due to social, political, or economic forces and conflicts. SEE to ACT will also become a global repository that archives native and tribal traditions in the form of ‘cultural film stories’ from all over the world.  

Our foundation is composed of educators, film makers and business owners with interests and experience in teaching, writing, directing, and producing cultural documentaries. All members of our team are dedicated to giving voice to native, spiritual, and historical elements, and to creating a common connection to earth by identifying often forgotten culture and traditions that originally taught us how being human can bring and keep people together. 

We are collaborating with entrepreneurs, photographers, writers, marketing professionals, and film producers around the world.


SEE to ACT is committed to providing a voice for children as well as young men and women. Education and Storytelling through film results in self-empowerment. Currently we have three projects in production in Texas and other parts of the world: Teaching to Empower, The American Voice, and our newest project in Uvalde, Texas, Healing Through Storytelling.


(UPDATE) We are currently reaching out to the community leaders and educators of Uvalde, Texas to provide the children of Robb Elementary a way to heal from the recent trauma of the mass shooting they experienced, by way of giving them a platform to communicate and tell their stories through creative and visual expression such as film-making. Any and all contribution, large or small, towards this endeavor is welcomed!

“There is not greater agony then bearing an untold story inside you”

Maya Angelou

SEE to ACT is in no way affiliated with any political or religious movement or group. We are composed of diverse individuals from all walks of life and experience who wish to simply contribute positively in our world. Contributions and contributors are treated the same whether they’re large or small, with gratitude and respect.