The Crew



“Many of us have lost our profound connection to our only home, earth, which includes our oceans, our mountains, our rivers, our plains, and our skies. Because many of us in this world are lost, no longer associated with our original ancient tribes, it is critical to preserve other indigenous and aboriginal cultures around the world, because they are the key to bringing the rest of us back home, back to ourselves. I will do everything in my power to remind us what it means to be home.”

Hayden de Maisoneuve Yates

As a filmmaker, Hayden has been involved in documentary and commercial film productions for over 30 years, working in Paris, Los Angeles, Honolulu and Austin. He taught Digital Film Production full time at the Art Institute of Austin.  In 2017 Mr. Yates released his first feature documentary film, A Force in Nature: Jóhann Eyfells, that gained recognition at several film festivals, including “Best Documentary Film” at the Hill Country Film Festival in Texas and DIY Film Fest in Santa Monica, CA.

Hayden is also a business owner, a professional videographer, photographer and home interior stylist in Austin, Texas. He also conducts Real Estate and Design Photography workshops all over the country featuring one-on-one classes. 


Co-Founder, Director & President

“Native American education dates back to a time when Natives were connected to the earth and the elders were entrusted to oversee the sacred act of knowledge being shared through storytelling.  We will strengthen the connection to our Native American youth by providing them an opportunity to learn from each other and have their voices heard.  It is often said that youth are our future, by giving them a voice, a platform and support of our community outreach we will be in for some exciting things ahead as we watch to see how their influence can change the world!!
We are servant leaders, our youth are our change agents!!”

Donna A. Hunnicutt-Rodriguez

Donna is an independent researcher for Early Native American genealogy with a willingness to help others find their ancestry and heritage. Her findings have led her to many discoveries including finding a long-lost cousin of her own. Donna is an educator and the President of The Board of Directors for SEE to ACT. She oversees funding development and proposals, grant applications, licensing, and is currently working on finding places to cultivate indigenous education in local communities. Donna has certifications for both youth training and adult education and is a retired Human Resource Manager.


Director & Treasurer

“My greatest happiness is found when I make those around me smile, laugh, or reach their goals. My greatest achievements are my three sons who are healthy, happy, self-sufficient contributing members of society. Family, friends and food (in that order) is my mantra and whether it be for commercial or personal purposes, creating win-win solutions and promoting the values of common sense and common courtesy will create and develop a fair and just community that allows everyone to thrive.

Douglas Goff

Doug has been an Austin Real Estate Broker since 2017 and involved in developing and training new and tenured realtors. Mr. Goff entered the real estate industry in 1997 as an investor, renovator, mortgage broker and wholesale lender in Cleveland, OH. He also traveled as a national Public Speaker promoting post-secondary education and offering tools for success in entrepreneurship throughout the continental US for Monster.com.
Doug was also a Quality Assurance and Compliance Consultant with Jobcase.com in Boston. Early on, Doug traveled the country performing as an Actor, Director, Producer, Lighting Designer and Stage Manager for entities such as Disney, Universal Studios, HBO, Nickelodeon, and for Broadway, and Off-Off Broadway productions from 1985-1997. Graduating cum laude with a BA in Psychology from Hunter College (NYC)he began college with a Theatrical scholarship (BGSU). 


Director & Secretary

“My overall vision is to optimize potential by leading all levels of business and community beyond existing limitations, utilizing my unique and extensive blend of professional experience in community development, team building, problem solving, project supervision, humanitarian collaboration, and global media, raising the bar of potential and excellence for all involved.”

Gary Walker

Gary joins SEE to ACT from his successes in the film business and the social entrepreneurship world. He has over 30 years of experience in studio and independent film Visual FX with noted credits on APOLLO 13, WATERWORLD, WHAT LIES BENEATH, TOWER and more. As a native Texan, Gary has lived and worked in Dallas, Los Angeles, Vancouver, and has been in Austin for the past 22 years, where he owned his own Visual FX studio for nine years. He recently decided to put his energy toward more philanthropic efforts to benefit local children.Gary is the Executive Director and Head Coach of Team FX, an Austin-based social enterprise founded in 2006. Team FX has safely trained beginning athletes to achieve endurance events (10K to marathon) while raising awareness, service, and funds to benefit local children removed from life-
threatening situations of abuse, neglect and exploitation. He developed his own incredible injury-free training program that lifts up community at all levels. To date 360 race medals have been awarded to Team FX members and they have raised over $670,000 for Austin’s SAFE Children’s Shelter. In 2016, he was awarded the Austin Marathon’s “David Doolittle Memorial Cup” for excellence in community service, and the “Guardian Award” from the SAFE Alliance in 2021. He is planning to scale the concept further within and beyond Austin. He has run 21 marathons himself and is a certified pilot and scuba diver. Gary is excited to lend his wisdom and experience to the mission and vision of SEE to ACT.



Ricky D. Reyes is Tejano and a Native American historian and educator of Native American cultures and traditions.  Author of Texas First: Prayer, The Four Direction of the Universe Prayer.  Prayer is the quintessential theology of the Northern and Southern Continental Native American tribes reflecting tribal wisdom.   Since 1988, he has traveled from Alaska to the Mexican Pyramids, into the Yucatan jungles and the mountains of Oaxaca.  While working with different Archeologist; in Mexico (UNAM and IHNA), plus in United States (Sul Ross Univ), teaching them Rock Art and Petroglyph meanings, Ricky discovered it was information that was handed down in his family, from ancestor to ancestor.  This revelation helped in writing “Texas First: Prayer” and has discovered, to date, that the ancestral information is roughly 52,000 years old.  Ricky is a Texas Registered Architect TABE #22428, BA from Our Lady of the Lake University, San Antonio, TX.



Contributing to this effort to give voice to forgotten or oppressed cultures and their traditions gives me a voice as well as the opportunity to participate in an effort that is meaningful and critical to our evolution and enlightenment as humans. Many don’t know or have forgotten how to be ‘connected’ and act accordingly. This foundation is devoted to educating and informing through the sharing of filmed cultural stories about the forgotten… and that just may help us all learn to remember.”

Pamela Zacha

With more than 20 years of experience in marketing, sales, advertising and public relations, Pamela brings a highly focused, and creative eye to business communications. Her strength has been in providing targeted and effective marketing campaign support using well thought out approaches that help clients tell their stories and achieve their business goals. Her talent is in finding an exclusive voice and tone for each client, and their individual corporate culture. She then shows them how to use that insight to help brand their company effectively and to achieve defined outcomes. 

Before moving to the Washington D.C. Metro area to start her family, Pamela worked in New York City as an advertising copywriter, photo stylist, production coordinator, art director and account manager for several prominent advertising and marketing agencies. She was also responsible for delivering video production services to major clients in the interior design, publishing, and entertainment industries out of her Manhattan-based production company, The Nimbus Film Group. During her last seven years in Connecticut, Pamela assisted high net worth, C-level executives at prominent private equity and hedge fund firms with their strategies for day-to-day business goals and corporate responsibilities. 

Pamela majored in Graphic Art and Photography at the Art Center College of Design in Los Angeles and taught Photography Styling and Annual Report Production at the renowned Parsons New School in New York City. She is currently working in Austin with foundations, entrepreneurs and small businesses as an independent public relations and marketing writer, video producer and director. Pamela is also a licensed Texas Real Estate Agent.